Josh 'JaysOnTheMoon' Wilson

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Moon Metro Digital (MMD) is an independent game development studio founded by Josh Wilson (me) in March 2019. Its mission is to deliver polished & exciting experiences to players.

Before developing video games, I spent three years working as a cryptographer, web application developer & technology consultant for large corporations. Stepping foot into game development has allowed me to strengthen my current skill set, discover & improve my weaker areas, freely pick up new skills, meet tons of talented individuals, and give me a place of belonging. It's a passion of mines, and I'm appreciative that I can share my work with others.


Please feel free to use one of the avenues below to get in contact with me if you want to chat about the games, report any bugs or technical issues you've encounted, share feedback you have, or talk about publishing one of the games.

Please note that I'm not interested in unsolicited ideas. I will not respond to them.

Send a DM via my personal Twitter


Send a DM via MMD's Twitter


Send a DM via Discord

I'm going to try my best to cover some of the most asked questions that I get. Hopefully, this section clears up any thoughts you may have.

What main programs/engine do you use for development?

I use Aseprite for pixel art, Ableton Live for any music made, Audacity to create custom sound effects, and Unity is my engine of choice since I was familiar with C# before getting into game dev.

What kind of games do you make?

I enjoy making short games for PC and mobile that can be played, from start to finish, within an afternoon or two. I don't stick to any specific genres because it allows me to learn new skills and techniques that keep me versatile in an industry where things are constantly changing.

How many people work on the games?

It's just me. On occasion, I'll reach out for some assistance with art, music, etc.

Are you willing to work with others?

I'd love to collaborate with other developers. It comes down to if the project interests me (or them) and if I can afford to participate.

Am I allowed to stream/make videos about your games and monetize them?

Hell yeah, you absolutely can! I would love for you to share my games with your communities. All I ask is that you provide links to the games for anyone interested in trying them out. It also helps out a ton.

Question not listed here?

Please ask it using one of the avenues above.