ParaMonsters and the Haunted Escape Room

Tiny monsters investigating a paranormal rumor


In the quaint, little town of Monsberg, the Paranormal Club is getting ready to kick off their annual club sleepover on All Hallows’ Eve. Upon discussing how to spend their evening, the rumor of a haunted escape room piques their interest. They decide there’s no better way to celebrate this special event than to check out a potential paranormal event! Is this rumor just that or is it the real deal?

You play as the president of the Paranormal Club, Faye, as she takes the lead on looking into the mystery behind the eerie escape room.


  • Created for the Locally Sourced Fall Bundle!
  • Meet an adorable cast of little monsters!
  • Feast your eyes upon colorful, simplistic environments and a neat art style!
  • Take on a handful of crafty puzzles!
  • Experience a title that can be finished in an evening! (~30 mins to 1hr)
  • Available on Windows! (Mac build coming very soon)