Daydreaming about freerunning


Struggling with a creative block, the developer needed something to jump-start their drive again. With a sigh, they opened a new tab in their browser and began scrolling through videos – something they usually do when they can’t make any progress. While watching a video, they noticed a peculiar parkour video being recommended. Curious, they pulled up the video. It was someone running through a factory, jumping off walls and avoiding dangerous, forgotten machinery with jumps of precision and timing. They was astounded by the prowess of the runner in the video.

Going down a rabbit hole of parkour videos, the developer could feel the creativity rushing in. Ideas of parkour filled their head and, like that, they got trapped in a state of daydreaming.


  • Fixed window resolution of 960×540 (upscaled from 320×180)
  • Controller support
  • 10+ rooms to run and jump through
  • Nice 1-bit pixel art