Moon Metro Digital Site is Live!

For the past few days, working 10+ hours every day, I sat at my computer, developing the Moon Metro website. If I had calmed my giddy ass down and done my research, this site would have been up a lot faster. Because I didn’t, I spent the past few days learning PHP and WordPress and, my lord, it wasn’t easy. I mean…I still don’t have a good grasp of both of those technologies but I learned enough to get this up and running. It’s kinda barebones at the moment but, over the course of this year, I plan on diving deeper and giving this site some juice.

Now that this is over, I can finally return to developing ‘Untitled Frog Platformer’ ( which does have a name now btw, just not saying yet 😛 ). Check out this site and Twitter for updates on development.

Also, big thanks to Pyxus and KuroTenshi for contributing to the Moon Metro Ko-Fi. Your generosity is responsible for making this site a reality. Y’all the real MVPs.

Peace and hair grease,

Jay Wilson